About Us

Granite State Pain Associates is the leading medical practice in the northeast dedicated exclusively to pain management.

Granite State Pain Associates is not merely a pain clinic. Our services include everything that a pain clinic provides, yet so much more. We understand that pain is more effectively treated when multiple approaches are combined. Our comprehensive pain centers not only offer interventional pain management modalities, such as injections and advanced surgical implants, but also physical therapy, counseling, alternative therapies, and medication management.

Our staff of caring, knowledgeable providers uses the most advanced therapeutic and surgical/interventional technologies available to treat your pain. All of us at Granite State Pain Associates are truly passionate about easing the suffering of our patients. Our goal is recovery for the whole person and a return to a meaningful and productive life.

Our Mission

We will do everything possible to alleviate your pain so you can get your life back.

Our Philosophy


Pain is whatever the patient experiencing the pain says it is.


Pain often has a profound effect on the individual, the family, and other support systems.


Pain is complex, potentially effecting the physical, mental, social, economic, and spiritual well-being of the patient and sometimes significant others.


Each patient has the inherent right to function at the highest achievable state of self-sufficiency and independence.


A goal-oriented approach involving various combinations of medical, physical, educational, psychological, and spiritual interventions can best help each patient.

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