Provider: Donna Flynn

Donna Flynn


Donna Flynn


Treatment Philosophy:

Chronic pain is a condition that requires that provider and patient utilize all of the modalities and tools available to manage it.

Special Interests:

Getting to know the patients I serve.

Professional Journey

I have always been interested in science and medicine, as well as helping people and animals. I began as a veterinary technology student, then became aware of the Physician’s Assistant profession.

Professional & Educational Achievements:

Experienced in Physiatry (Physical Medicine & Rehab) and Occupational Medicine (Worker’s Compensation)


  • A.A.S. State University of New York at Farmingdale
  • B.S. Touro College

Professional Certifications & Associations:

  • NCCPA Certified
  • AAPA Certified
  • AAPM Certified
  • NHSPA Certified

When I’m not treating my patients, I enjoy:

spending time with my friends and family, cooking, hiking, horseback riding, singing, playing the guitar and piano, playing with my dogs.